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What is Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Me-Uman?

'Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Me-Uman' is the name of our holy leader Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. (born in 1774) Through a note he sent (In 1922) in a miraculous manner to Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser(called 'Saba' or 'Saba Israel'), Rabbi Nachman revealed that his name (meaning his soul and teachings) is the Song that is Single (Na - נ), Doubled (Nach - נח), Tripled (Nachmu - נחמ), and Quadrupled (Nachman - נחמן).

Great tzadikim (holy sages) preceding Rabbi Nachman's time spoke of the Song that will be revealed in the future, among them Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel (in his translation of Shir Hashirim – the Song of Songs, in the first verse) and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Master of the Zohar and Tikunay Zohar). These tzadikim explained that before the coming of the Messiah, there will be revealed a song that is Single, Doubled, Tripled, and Quadrupled, and that through this Song the true faith and belief in God will be restored in the world as God will renew the world in His wondrous ways. All of this will occur before the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah himself will sing this song and redeem the Jewish People and bring the Knowledge of God, peace, and compassion to the whole world.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught (Likutay Moharan 64) that every Wisdom and Intellect has it's own specific tune and melody. It is from the melody that the wisdom is produced and extended (as can be discerned in Psalms (47) 'sing enlighten'). Even the the wisdom of heresy has it's own specific tune and melody unique to the wisdom of heresy.

[This is what our Sages of the Talmud (Chagiga 15) attributed the deviation of 'Achair' (Elisha, the teacher of Rabbi Meir) stating that it was caused because of Greek melody that was always with him, and that when he would rise from the Tora study hall books of heresy would fall from his lap, because these two things are dependent on one another. The Greek melody that was always on his mouth was the cause for his having the books of heresy that would fall from his lap, for this particular melody was specific to the heresy that he had.]

Also according to the ascending level of the wisdom so too the tune and melody will be of higher distinction. This is true on every level higher and higher even up to the beginning point of all of creation which is called "the start of Emanation", there is nothing higher than it, nothing that exceeds the wisdom that is there, except the "Light of the No Limit"  the wisdom on this level is unfathomable to humans,and so on this exalted level, all wisdoms are a matter of faith.

Faith also has a tune and melody specific to faith. Just as we see that even the mistaken faiths of the Worshipers of the Stars and Constellations, each of their faiths has their own song that they sing and conduct in their houses of prayer. As it is with false faith so it is in holiness, every faith has a tune and melody. This unique melody of the above mentioned faith, which is the faith above all wisdoms and faiths in the world, the faith in the Light of the "No Limit" Himself which encompasses all the worlds, this melody is also higher than all the tunes and melodies of the world which are particular to all wisdom and faith. All the tunes and melodies of all the wisdoms come forth from this melody and tune which is higher than all the tunes and melodies of all the wisdoms, for it is the melody associated to the faith in the "Light of No Limit" Himself, which is higher than everything.

In the future when all the nations will recognize The Name (G-d) (as it says in Tsifanya 3) and everyone will believe in Him Blessed, (reword last phrase) there will be a fulfillment of the verse (Shir Hashirim – Song of Songs) 'come sing from the height of faith', specifically from the 'height of faith', the aspect of the highest faith mentioned above, which is the head (Root or source) of all faith as previously explained. This is why the verse says 'sing' specifically, it is the tune and the melody associated with this height of faith mentioned above.

The aspect of melody of this exalted faith, no one merits except the Tzadik (holy sage) of the generation, who is an aspect of Moshe (Moses), who is on the level of this faith.

With  this song of the Tzadik, all the souls that fell into heresy of the Vacated Space (where G-d is hidden) are freed. For his song is an aspect of the 'height of faith' that is the faith which is higher than everything, this song and faith nullifies all the heresy, and all the tunes are included and nullified within this tune, which is above everything, and from which come forth all the tunes, as previously mentioned.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Me-Uman is this holy melody that can lift us from our dreary existence to the height of faith and belief in God!

Quotes from Rabbi Israel (saba)
about Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman

  1. Simply by reciting the name of our leader Rabbi Nachman, just as it signed in the signature on this Petek (note) – Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman - this eases all the troubles and sweetens all the harsh judgements, all the sins and all the falls and all of the heresy of the world. This is enough to destroy the Other Side (the Evil Inclination), to dispel all the darkness, everything, it transforms everything. This is a new power like nothing that was ever before in the world.

  2. Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman, this has the power, this opens up all the gates of mercy, all the gates of prayer, all the gates of repentence, all of the Tora.

  3. Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman – this is the main point. This contains all of the Redemption, and all of the salvations are included in this name, for the central point of everything is dependent on Rabbi Nachman.

  4. This is effective for everyone, on both the general and individual levels. Every person should pray and say verbally: "May the merit of Rabbi Nachman protect us and all the Jewish People, the merit of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman".

  5. Our holy leader Rabbi Nachman, this matter is an entirely new secret, yes. Rabbi Nachman revealed that his name is a Song that is Single, Doubled, Tripled, and Quadrupled – Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman.

  6. If one is suffering or there is some sin – immedeiately say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman, this already transforms everything. This renews – everything, transforms – to good. Nachman MeUman – this transforms everything.

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